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Hello! i'm luigimario64! but please call me OriginalWaybackMate as my considered username i wanted to use. i grew up with trainz ever since i was 3 - 4 years old with trainz railroad simulator 2006 with my windows xp emachines computer, despite how stupid i was back then i still love that game to death, then went i got steam i also managed to grab my copies of trainz 2009, 2010, and 12, i had a blast with all 3 of them, but eventually i lost interest playing trainz and moved on to gmod n' such, UNTIL about the very end of 2020 i decided to come back because my recommendations on youtube decided to bring back trainz again (alongside with thomas and friends trainz videos) and finally getting my hands on trainz 2006 again since 2010, but then again, i haven't bought another trainz game ever since 12 due to my lost of interest, but now that i came back, i'll probably make a decision to get T:ANE Platinum Edition and maybe, just maybe TRS2019, despite my upgrade with my pc, i still have peformance issues with trainz 12 and I know it ain't just me, despite me trying my best to get trainz 12 smoothly, i'll probably stick to my steam copy of trainz 2010 until i can upgrade my pc a little bit more,

so you're welcome to post in my posts and i'll probably make this account more active, this is luigimario64! also known as OriginalWaybackMate signing off with a peace!