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Hi, I was wandering if anyone knows where I could find a good, realistic loading dock for trainz. a loading dock for Semi-Trucks because on the DLS, i was downloading some of Yukonzoom's Fabulous Freightliners but in the background, theirs a HUGE loading dock with garage doors & Etc. So does anyone know where i could get one like that or same one???? there isn't one in trainz.

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  1. matruck's Avatar
    I think you'll find most of the docks are attached to buildings already, So search for industrial type buildings and you'll get a heap of them, Search also "Dave Snow" he has a ton of stuff you could use for docks.
  2. cgtrainz5657's Avatar
    well, i tried "Davesnow" and nothing there, and i tried "industrial building" and it didnt show up.
  3. cgtrainz5657's Avatar
    Truck Loading Docks...
  4. matruck's Avatar
    I just searched loading dock and got back 51 items.