Yarn T-Intersections

works perfectly fine in TRS22 Build 123799

So there's two issues. First, the Yarnish T-Intersection only has two connecting spline points whereas the Yarn T-Intersection has three. Secondly, the traffic lights on the Yarn T-Intersection are fixed as evident in the aforementioned post whereas the Yarnish T-Intersection can be modified. Somehow the script has been removed from these Yarn T-Intersections, at least the one in question. Not sure what happened to the author Maddy25, the creator of this fine asset but unfortunately I'm stumped and don't know what to do.
Click on the "None" opposite Traffic Control Devices and you get an addition menu to add or change the stop lights and signs.
Sorry to bump, but the same thing happens with the YARN adapters, as I cannot attach properly the roads. This doesn't happen with T:ANE

I have repaired most all of the Maddy25 Intersections, and these ones that I have on the DLS do have the option to remove the Traffic lights.
Here are some of the kuids, give these a try as they do work for me. Computable with Trainz 2019, 2022
Let me know if this is what you needed

<kuid2:95230:101345:3> Jons Intersection L2-4Si+4Sh v2
<kuid2:95230:101347:4> Jons Intersection L4-L2-4Si+4Sh,45mph v2
<kuid2:95230:101344:6> Jons Yarn Intersection L2+4Si+4Sh V2
<kuid2:95230:101347:4> Jons Intersection L4-L2-4Si+4Sh,45mph v2
<kuid2:95230:101818:4> Jons Intersection L4L4-4Si+4Sh V2
<kuid2:95230:101219:3> Jons Split L4 DL3-Si+Sh NT V3
<kuid2:95230:101499:4> Jons Split L4 DL3-Si+Sh TR V3
<kuid2:95230:101671:2> Jons L1 MergeRamp DL0+P-Si+Sh
<kuid2:95230:101672:2> Jons L1 MergeRamp DL0-P-Si+Sh
<kuid:95230:104514> Jons L1 MergeRamp NL,35mph