The T-Intersection bug...


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It seems that depending on *WHERE* one places a this particular T-Intersection, decides on whether one will get all three spline points or not...

This is a new route, 1 HD baseboard, with a bunch of the very same T-Intersection which is documented in the screenshot. ALL of the highlighted intersections are missing one spline connection point. the others have all three points. i can delete some and replace it, and it will have the same characteristics as the one previous. again, these are all the exact same asset. I have not tried it yet with other intersections, it is late, and i need to work tomorrow. But i will try more perhaps saturday or sunday.

*EDIT* The Yarnish T-Intersection by Streadway is screwed across the board, so its unrelated.


I have included a link to a cdp file of the route:

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Hello Fierogt87

I have these in my Custom Map with no issues of this kind. But will test them further.
I am wondering if it is the Surveyor 2.0 is not compatible with these assets.
I will for sure check on this issue for you and see what is going on.
You can also send me a pm anytime you need help.

I hope that I find the issues and can repair them for the community.
I do not like assets that do not work correctly and is, or poor quality.

I forgot to mention that I did make a few of these intersections with no connecting spline points to use them with another connecting purple invisible road to make the Carz go left instead of the default right turns. Make sure that you are not using the ones with no connecting splines, it should be in the readme files for the ones that are manually connected with invisible road lines on the top of them.
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every t intersection is red . content manager shows them alright but i actually haven' a single one and according to content manager no problem.
This is not a new problem. Somewhere around the TS2019 era, some YARNish T intersections became broken, sometimes inconsistently.

The cause is not Surveyor 2.0, because the problem existed before S2.0 came out.

The good news is that newer versions are on the DLS, and the new versions work fine in Trainz Plus:

Here are three I use with good results:

If you want T-intersections beyond what I use, just look on the DLS for more recent ones that look like the ones that no longer work well for you.
Yep i can vouch for this . the asset is faulty in TRS22 SP1.
<kuid2:95230:101354:5> Jons T-Intersection L2-3Si-3Sh
It let me join a couple of times then it went down big time and makes that horrible noise akin to "Computer says no"! when trying to attach a Yarnish road. It also rejects Jons roads too!