World's Largest Model Railroad now on Google Street View


33 Year Old Railfan
Got this as a text from my sister this morning, with a link to a local TV channel who posted this on their website (well, the mobile version of their website). Now you don't have to go there and see it! Forgive the advertisements, but regardless if it's the mobile version, which is the link my sister sent me, or the 'regular version' of their website, which is this link, there will always be advertisements.
Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight...

Wunderlandview is noticeably lower quality than Streetview, but I guess that's understandable considering the size of the cameras they used.
Recall seeing the giant German model railway and also a bit more recently a film of another giant one in Russia. That one even had chickens moving about! Wonder how it compares to the German effort?
Is there a link to the wunderland Google street view? I just saw a nice video about it following the link.
Go to, search for Miniatur Wunderland and zoom into the various dots in the building like you would any street. :)