World Largest Model Railroad Layout

I think they have about everything covered...
So much of the video showcased something spectacular I can't think of one particular part to comment on. Could you imagine owning this? I would never leave the room!
Fantastic .

But I can only wonder , considering the maintainance , how many of the club members feel they have turned their hobby into a job ?

Just wondering --- ,DLR
tee hee; that's been on my list of places to go see while I'm in Germany since the article on it came out in Model Railroader.

Holy ****!

well, wonder what happens when one of the 800 trains derails. They must have a tanker truck full of Goo Gone and hundreds of track cleaning cars.
The World's largest Model RR.

I'm pleased to say that I have actually visited that exhibition. In addition to what you see on the link, daytime and nightime are simulated automatically. To term this as simply a model railway is the understatement of the age. In addition, there is huge floor space devoted to 1920 - 1930 toys and periodicals. To any one visiting Hamburg this is a treasure, a must see.
Oh and not so far away there is a Maratime Museum, equally as breathtaking.
I suspect some of those that work on that German layout are paid employees.

It's actually not that only some of them, actually most of them are paid employee's, but they are all model railroaders from the hart. Actually this "Miniaturwunderland" is a company owned by to brothers. One of them had an idea when he was in Basel, Switzerland, in a model railroad shop. He took his cellphone and gave his brother in Hamburg a call, how it would be to have the worlds largest model railroad as a business. First his brother declared him as completely crazy, but when he was back in Hamburg they were actually thinking it through. Before that they had already a business with a discotheque. The most interesting thing about this was, and that's their own words, that when they first offered their concept to their banker, this guy was only laughing and close to falling apart about such an crazy idea, but 20 minutes later they had the financing. This story is already legendary in Hamburg, where I'm coming from. I was a few times in there and I can tell everyone of you, it is beyond everything you've ever seen. Especially because as visitor you can feel with every little piece of it how much pation is put in that. :Y: