World Origin Help. Environment Latitude Longitude Altitude Elevation

Hello, having problems using the Environment - Location Tab, World Origin Coordinates, me too. (applies to TANE and TRS19, probably TMR17 also, have yet to test it)

If you are trying to change just the elevation, be advised. As of this writing, the in game dialog box is broken. Current best way to set the Latitude, Longitude and Altitude (aka Elevation) is by editing the config.txt of the route. If you do not care about LAT or LONG then just change the altitude to the height you want.

To get the latitude and longitude from GPS coordinates to config.txt Trainz DMM format, I have created an online conversion calculator. It takes the coordinates, and outputs a copy and paste World Origin script-let for your config.txt file. Look here at;

I am working on adding a Decimal degrees (DD) to Trainz DMM, which Google Map uses. This should be up very soon.
That's very cute. The ability to cut and past the formatted WO is particularly nice. Google Earth still uses DMS, of course, and your calculator's results match what I get with a hand calculator.

Should note that Trainz 09 and 12 both go to three decimal places in the minutes. No idea what T:ANE or 19 use. Tane only displays 2, but then, it's broken as you note.

Latitude, Longitude and altitude are also set in the assigned Region (in the Edit Route main menu command).
Thank you for this. It'll be very helpful when working with prototypical routes.

You need to fix a typo though... "Claculator" instead of Calculator on the second line in the instructions