Windows File Association Error with TRS2019 Platinum


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Hello Folks,

I need just a bit of help with this Error in Windows 11, Trainz TRS2019 Platinum,

The Back Story, I never had this problem with Trainz and I understand File Associations. Two days ago, I downloaded Auslogics Windows Slimmer, which allows to clean things in Windows, Obsolete Items Etc, including Extensions. I did it piecemeal, doing different sections. And no problems except I think when I did outdated items, for some reason it removed my File Association for both Trainz and Content Manager as I open Trainz and or Open Content Manager, I get the File Association Error. I can still use Trainz OK and Content Manager Ok, but every time I launch Trainz or Content Manager the File Association Popup shows Windows can file the correct File Associated for Trainz or Content Manager......

In Addition, I cannot locate Content Manager Exe File in Platinum, I think that is the Root issue.....

Could someone tell me where to find the .Exe file for Content Manager, I think if I could find that and use OPEN WITH Command it put this Window File Association Error to Rest......I look all over Trainz Directory, and couldn't locate Content Manager Exe File, I did find Trainz Utilities Exe File, but as far as I can see, that is not Content Manager Exe. File Correct?