Will this graphics card be able to run T:ANE and/or TS12?

I got a new computer, and it has a AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GB DDR3 graphics card. I don't know much about computer components as I have mainly used Macs and the parts in Macs aren't usually given. I would like to know if this graphics card can run TS12 and/or T:ANE well, so I don't have to waste money on a game that won't run well on my computer.
Don't waste your money on this card.


The AMD Radeon R5 M335 is a low-end dedicated graphics card for laptops. It is most likely based on a new derivative of the Tonga chip and therefore supports DirectX 12, Vulkan and FreeSync. The core clock is pretty high with up to 1030 MHz, however, the bottleneck is the 64-bit DDR3 graphics memory (clocked at 1000 MHz, 2000 MHz effective). Compared to the Radeon R5 M330, the M335 offers a higher core (+40 MHz) and memory (+100 MHz) clock speed.
Due to the higher core speed, the performance of the Radeon R5-M335 should be slightly above the AMD Radeon R5 M255 (see for gaming benchmarks). Therefore, very demanding games of 2014 and 2015 like Dragon Age: Inquisition or Assassin's Creed Unity may not be playable smoothly. For older or less demanding games the performance should be sufficient for low to medium detail settings. Detailed benchmarks will be listed below as soon as we get a sample with the Radeon M335 in house.
The 320 shaders can be used with OpenCL 1.2 for general-purpose calculations (as 5 compute units).

I always found it odd that individuals would buy whatever hardware they could find BEFORE asking if it could meet their needs, only to in all likelihood be disappointed with the answer...
Yes I find that strange as well, I spend hours comparing specs, reviews, benchmarks, and looking for any problems before I upgrade anything.
I meant to, but when I wrote down the specs, I forgot to put the graphics card. Then, when I asked the salesperson to help me find a computer that was close to those specs, he didn't know which graphics card I wanted as I forgot to record it.
I got a new computer, I would like to know if this graphics card can run TS12 and/or T:ANE well, so I don't have to waste money on a game that won't run well on my computer.
You should have instead been worrying about wasting money on a buying a low end laptop that, is not up to TS12/T:ANE standards ... instead of worrying about wasting money on a game, that won't run well on a low end computer

I would buy a $1700 ASUS ROG laptop, or an $800 gaming desktop
1. I'm not made of money (Even if I was, I wouldn't disassemble myself to buy things :hehe:) and I needed a new laptop for school, so I couldn't save up for longer.
2. I'd like to be able to transport my computer places
3. I tested the Mojave sub and it seems to comparably to my old computer. (A mac mini.)
4. I didn't realize that I got the wrong graphics card.
5. I can return my computer if it doesn't turn out to work with TS12.
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So are you still using a Mac then Meow and are you moving to TANE or staying on Mac 2? I know how you Feel sorta when I purchased my Mac I had no plans to run Trainz on it because at the time I was going to use it for filming and stop motion needs but a year or two later I discovered Trainz for Mac and now I wished I bought the 27inch instead of the 21inch
wished I bought the 27inch instead of the 21inch

...Why? It's purely a waste of money; then again, that is how Macs are in general... still. 27in iMacs are no better than the 21.5in at all, just the screen takes up more space. imo that screen is way too big to be practical

Anyways, I recommend going NVIDIA for graphics cards. My low-end card (GeForce GT 650M 512MB - pretty weak, I know) has served me fairly well, and my brothers GTX 980 4GB has proven to excel at running the games he plays - everything from the latest Battlefront installment to that Crysis 3 game, or whatever it is (I don't keep up with games very well at this point). I know AMD cards tend to run hotter and are more prone to overheating than NVIDIA cards, but the latter is typically more expensive I believe.

Just my 2 cents.

Let's look at this in a serious light...

How much money $$$ do you have to spend, budget or whatever? When you can give that, I can then know where to proceed. You say you got a new computer, what CPU does it have? How much RAM does it have?

As for the MAC mini, that is basically a terminal for web browsing, it isn't going to have a good GPU and CPU in it. They usually don't.

Specifications for TANE call for running Windows 7 64-bit
Minimum video card Nvidia GT640...Amazon has these for less than $40 USD. Suggest this is what is causing the installation to keep cycling. When I upgraded my video card, system installed and ran the first time.