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All I can find at Best Buy is "Trainz: Railwayz" and "Trainz Railroad Simulator". Is this what I shoud get or is their a program called "Trainz 2006"? Also, where is it available from?

Trainz Railroad Simulator is the general product--there is TRS 2004 and TRS 2006 (What I use). There is also a newer version of Trainz called Trainz Classics, but from what everyone has said about it, you may want to keep away from it for a while...I don't have it, and am totally satisfied with 2006. I've seen Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 at Wal-Mart (where I got my copy).

Go to www.walmart.com to get Trainz Railwayz, if you can't find it locally. You get the DVD versions of TC and TRS2006. The DVD version of TRS2006 has SP1 already installed.

Check your local Circuit City, Best Buy, or GameStop.
Well I work at wal mart and havent seen anything but flight sims ugh
So I went to target they have 2006 only and then found Circuit City
walla they had plenty in stock...............
Dave =)
Thanks Dave,
I just found and ordered Trainz Railwayz from Amazon.com and will have it in 2 days.