TS3; unable to actually purchase any DLC

See this here:

Contact the Helpdesk.
I have the same problem, and right now, it still persists. They still haven’t added surveyor either, it’s like they completely abandoned us mobile users. I would shut up if they made all of Trainz 2 free, but that’s only a dream. Would be great if N3V games wasn’t corrupt and hungry for wallets. And I have a garage with a model railroad, and I still want Trainz when I have the physical thing. (Strangely enough I’ve had this account for years and this site thinks I’m a new user.)
Contact the helpdesk after January 8th. They're on vacation until then due to a summer/Christmas holiday shutdown.

They're not hungry for their wallets. They are a company that needs to pay salaries and they have a mobile version. It's up to content creators to provide DLC since they don't make it themselves. If no one made anything for your mobile version, then there's a reason why.

We're all new users here due to the change in the forum software. I've been a Trainz user for 20-years FYI.
Oh, software change, makes sense, thanks for the info. And now I’m stumped on the problem again. Money, they need money. Money for salaries, servers, upkeep, and a lot more. Keep on forgetting the bigger picture. Thanks for clearing my mind.