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I didn’t see any exact posts about my question, but this has probably been asked hundreds of times. I’m considering getting TRS22+ Standard Edition. I have TANE SP2 from years ago, but it’s not currently installed on my newer computer. I basically copied the old TANE folder to an external drive and uninstalled the whole game from my old PC.
My question is, do I have to install TANE on my new PC to somehow import all my assets to TRS22?
Or can I just simply import all the assets from the TANE backup folder into TRS22 directly?
I’d prefer to NOT have both TANE and TRS22 on the same computer if I don’t have to.
Thanks in advance!
Ooo, that is a good question. I`m pretty sure that some of them, but not all of them, can be done that way.

What you can do is copy the data from the external drive to somewhere convenient, install Trainz22+, point it at the copy of the database, perform a database rebuild, and see if you`ve got data puree. As long as it is a spare copy, there isn`t much problem if it does puree the data, and you`ll have your answer either way. Just don`t do this with your *only* copy of the data.

Edit: Having both installed at the same time isn`t a technical issue; it is very doable. Many people maintain multiple installations for various purposes. Are you a content creator? Keeping the old version gives you an easy way to test for compatibility.
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What @MasterTracklayer says will work, but be prepared to do a lot of asset updates due to content updates since T: ANE came out. This will include built-in as well as DLC plus anything you downloaded from the DLS.

I agree also with using another copy and keeping your current copy as a backup.

The process I would use is:

Install TRS22.
Let it go through the process as a standalone program.

Once completed, at the Launcher:
Click the Install tab.
Click the ... on the right and browse to your T: ANE data folder and select that.

Renaming that folder to something else such as TRS22_DATA instead of keeping the folder as build with Some-long-list-of-letters-and-numbers will make this a lot easier to find. You can do this when you copy your T: ANE folder elsewhere.

TRS22 will want to restart after this.

You may have to put in your username again after selecting the T: ANE database, or maybe not...

Start up and it'll run a DBR.

Note: It may not show any activity - Click on Developer on the menu on the top of the Launcher and choose Show Logs. This is a known bug that has been reported.

Depending upon how much content you have, this can take some time.

Once the DBR is complete, open up Content Manager and update any assets that can be updated. You may also have some faulty ones too and some missing dependencies, but get the updates first.

The DLC can be updated through the Content Store if that's available in your TRS22 version. (I can't remember if it's only in Platinum and up), otherwise the DLC installs as it does in T: ANE.

That's pretty much it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Having more than one copy or version of Trainz on your computer isn't uncommon. Some of us have nearly all of them including myself for various reasons.