Where did it go?


Has anyone had this one happen to them? I've got TRS04 on my laptop. I've made a small layout to play with and show customers the coolness of the game. The other day I went in to play with it and my layout was gone. Nowhere to be seen. The built in layouts were there as well as the game itself. Just too strange. I re-installed 04 so we will see if it stays or goes to the twilight zone.
:eek: Alco_P-A
Hi Alco
I had something like this, although I'm using TRS2006. Try deleting the Trainz Asset database. This is in the files ...Programs/TRS2006/assets.tdx and .../TRS2006/chache/assets.bku (just delete the files only, not the folders they're in!)
Next time Trainz (or CMP) runs, the program will rebuild the database, when I did this my mysteriously vanished layout had returned, together with some faults that CCP seemed to have created had also repaired themselves. I'd lost the "favourites" tag on my list of rolling stock, though.

Don't know if this would work on TRS04, but then as you've re-installed it may just have vanished into the ether....
Custom maps

Hi Alco,
In TRS2004 maps/layouts you have built yourself should be in world\custom\maps folder, but if you reinstalled without backing up your custom folder it may be gone. Btw I have put some screenies up in your other thread, breaking rules.