Where can I get hog?


HOG is a very handy tool and I have used it many, many times to create DEMs. There are several fantastic routes (both freeware & payware) out there that started with a HOG produced DEM based ground file.

Having said that, it just cannot hold a candle to the capabilities of TranzDEM. If you are serious about prototypical route creation it is well worth the asking price.

HOG is old. The gnd file format used and hog textures included are Trainz UTC era. While that version of the gnd files is still read by all current versions of Trainz you'll need updated version of the hog texture files. You'll need some additonal program like MicroDem to create a suitable raster file (picture) of the elevation data. I'd recommend you check out info on the included utility called Piglet that works with an ascii DEM data file. I always found it produced better terrain resolution and fewer "bucketing" steps in elevations - well worth the extra effort and it's included in the 118 version for free.

I used HOG for many years and if making a one off map it can be useful. If you want to add more terrain to the map later or add vector data directly or terrain base tiles or special map textures then as weevil mentioned above I'd recommend you consider buying TransDem.

Bob Pearson
HOG routes usually have huge cliff drop off's, and huge rip tears in terrain where the round ball of Earth is flattened out in Trainz ... My suggestion: HOG is a rather dead program
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