where can i find plans for models


hey all I'm back
I'm starting to create custom content in gmax and after using auto cad programs in school i have figured out how to use it. i was wondering what are some good sites to get plans for models.
What kind of models? Buildings, rolling stock, signs...
and good luck to you in your endeavors
um roling stock and railway buildings of all different eras

with auto cad there is no such thing as a good luck it always crashes at the most in opportune moment
I don't really know about auto cad. I use microstation which I've never had a problem with crashing. It's a very stable cadd program. I don't really know of any sites with plans of buildings, but I'd recommend starting simple until you get the hang of Gmax and texturing.
Great Resource Site


I know most of you veterans already know of this site, but I just thought I would throw this one out to those who may have missed it. It has logos, paint color codes, and very detailed drawings great for a loco/rolling stock painting resource.