Where are they?


I suffer from ADHD so if I am overlooking something already discussed or obvious please understand...
I have found that some assets on the download station are not appearing in any of the content managers of 2019 , TANE 2012 etc...Example is : gramma's EMD F9A NS modded #4270 (ts12)..
kuid:542976:102478.....No sign of it and others in any C Ms.
As I cannot download from the DLS I am missing out on having these items to use..Have noticed they are marked ts 2009 so don't know if that is a clue...

Thank You for your patience.:D
Some of Gramma's work was illegally uploaded, so you might have a KUID for it, but it is no longer available.
Some items are in need of repair to be without errors in higher versions of Trainz and as a result are therefore invisible, though if they are a dependency for something they probably will still download.