What to do immediately for slow download ?


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Hi, yesterday afternoon I started downloading some things for the Unitah ( sp ) route and it started downloading at a decent rate but after a while the rate started slowing down and over night it has showed downloading item # 441 of 4494 and now it is downloading at a rate of 49 bytes/sec and yes I spelled that right, bytes.

I left this run over night because I was afraid that if I stopped it that something would get corrupted.

I'm not asking about download assisting software just should I stop the process with the idea of re-starting at a different time of day and of course over night it didn't speed up, it slowed down so in USA Eastern Standard time when should I re-start ??????

Mostly I do downloads in late evening and I've not had such a drastic problem before !

Wild Willy the Wacko
With large downloads I find it's sometimes better to download the route, then cancel, list dependencies and download them in smaller chunks, had a similar problem here when it got very slow.

By the way the speed shown in Manage Content bears little resemblance to actual speed, I use a download monitor where you can see what is actually happening. The CM speed often shows a value when the downloads actually stopped! think there is something odd with caching the downloads not sure if it's Windows or Trainz related and CM is maybe showing the install speed from the cache and not the actual download. May find a larger swap file might help.