What the smuck...?


Roanoker Trainzer
Now i got something odd... I installed a new route, a subway line from Klinger, on the DLS, Well... i install it and all... and suddenly... the maps dont do the defult start rules. "Driver setup, driver command, startup options" and when they are placed, they... well... dont fricken work X.X This is bad... I tried to reinstall, but it still doesnt work XO This is killing me, as ive lost GOOD activities... and it makes me angry D:

Thanks for any help!
Sounds like you haven't installed service pack one or diddn't install it on a "clean" trainz copy ( you can't play trainz inbetween installing and downloading/installing SP1).

No.. I had SP1 installed, didnt play Trainz, as i know that is a little dumb :p

oh... wait... you mean... when i put Trainz on my computer, i cant play it till i install the SP1?
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