What in the world have they done to DLS?


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I know I've been away for a long time, but I didn't realize I'd been away that long. I cannot make sense of this new Down Load Station. I did it the way I used to, and nothing happened. No progress bar, no message saying "Done" So, it looks like I'm going to need a walk-thru from some of you. Oh, btw, I'm also looking for the DB Class 103 that Auran decided not to put in, but someone else did. Don't remember his name or the KUID. Also, there's a Monon F3 A&B unit lurking in the shadows somewhere, and, really important, has anyone reskinned Ben Neals(?) beautiful BL-2 in Monon? Any help you could give me would definetely be appreciated. Thanks, Cactushead.
OK - I do have a guide in the DLS,FCT forum that may help you on downloading using Content Manager - see if that helps to start with.

Well. you see, in all the time i've been a Trainzer, I have never heard one good thing on these forums about FCT. And I'm on a fixed income, and can't be wasting my money, as I've heard other people saying they never could get their FCT to work B4 time ran out on it. Therefore, I would just as soon stick with Download Helper. But, again, they must have done something to it that they didn't announce, or if they did, I missed it. So I need a walkthru on the DLS. Cactushead
OK - just so you know, you shouldn't actually need a FCT with TS12 if you've patched it - the DLS,FCT I'm referring to is the name of one of the forums on here.

FCT works for plenty of people. You don't generally hear about things that work on forums because people usually only go to forums to complain about things when they don't work rather then to praise things that work.

That said, I entirely understand Dodging the fee for an FCT. I've accumulated ~110,000 assets downloaded without an FCT.

If you have TS12 build 61388 you should be fine. Mr Shaneturner has that guide posted and it would make sense to go and try it out. You can find his Tutorial here:

If that doesn't work for you come back here and tell us about it and we can try something else.
And to add.... Even on a fixed income, like my own as well, the First Class Ticket (FCT) is quite affordable. It is currently going for about $19 US at the moment for a full year. This works out to be about 63 cents per day, and way less than a donut or even a cup of coffee from Dunkin's!

I have a FCT life membership which I took out when I retired early on health grounds. Thought it a good spend and still do! I am a Scot who lies to spend......
I, too, have a lifetime FCT, but last time I visited the Trainz store, it seems no longer to be offered.

I, too, have a lifetime FCT, but last time I visited the Trainz store, it seems no longer to be offered.


I got one as well while I was working when it was first offered. N3V removed this from their offerings about a year ago.

Likewise I got my lifetime just before I retired. More than paid for itself now, shame it's no longer available.
Lifetime FCT was designed to be a unsustainable short-term "cash injection" measure (much like the TANE Kickstarter campaign was, but on a smaller scale). Logically, if they continued to sell Lifetime FCTs, eventually everyone would have one and that'd be the end of their lucrative revenue stream.
DB 103 from Auran is still available on the DLS:

DB_103 / KUID:1604:9103
Trainz Service Pack 3

For Monon F3 I found those:

Monon / KUID:67192:100033 and
Monon B / KUID:67192:100040
Trainz Service Pack 3

and yes, you do need a FCT to access them....