ideas on what commodities go with what cars:

Answer: IMO, yes, but possibly at the top or bottom of the section instead of being mixed in with the general-use items.

Question, @johnwhelan: Are your wagons also designed to work with a particular product? Useless for hauling anything else?
My UK wagons normally have 5 different attachment points, attachment point 5 varies from wagon to wagon and is set so that the tarps are the right height for the wagon. The plank loads use the same attachment point 5 but the load is angled and a two plank wagon takes a lower angle than a seven plank one so they have different loads. Also a fifteen foot five plank wagon needs a different angle to an eighteen foot five plank one. They also accept bulk loads. Some loads such as the barrels need some twenty odd attachment points so are only available on some wagons. There are some groups of barrels that can be loaded on the other wagons.

I have some cattle wagons that are set up for cattle or sheep, it doesn't make sense to load any other visible load in those wagons. Also my narrow boats have specific loads that only really work with the narrow boats such as sacks and a tanker top.

The recent Bogie Wagons use track that is built in to TANE but not later versions. That's something else that should be noted, are they on the DLS or built in to a particular version of trainz?

Basically most UK wagons will have at least one attachment point in the middle of the wagon which can accept any load. It just looks a bit odd sometimes with a tiny load stuck in the middle which is why I try to have a few more attachment points spread out.

Cheerio John
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That sounds like potentially useful information. @john2002, should we encourage individual creators to note exceptions for their vehicles and/or products? Your project; I don`t want to overstep your vision without permission.
@john2002, I`ve noticed that your list is not sorted by anything that I can perceive. As a programmer, I think that I could sort them for you fairly easily, taking care to avoid accidentally moving items into the wrong section. Interested? I see that they appear to be mostly collated by author, but I think it might be more useful sorted by cargo description, letting the authors fall where they may. I believe that there are also commodity category assets that can be assigned to rolling stock, allowing them to load any commodity in the category. If there is such a thing, listing them on your page might also be useful.
Ok; I`ll work on it when there`s nothing hopping (like a rabbit) here in the forums.

Edit: Section A done. Minor glitch because I was not logged in, but went perfect thereafter.
Edit: Section B done. Minor glitch with one author using an identifying prefix in the name, dealt with by removing the prefix while calculating the sort key.
Edit: Section C done. Even got rid of the surplus asterisk giving an asset an extra indent.
Edit: Sections E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, P, Q, R, S, T & V done.
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I went by the UMLER designation codes
equipped means lined for a certain service
unequipped means general service
Ah, thank you.

With regard to the commodity-categories I mentioned above, I selected my Commodities, All filter, selected all 7330 items on the list, did a right-click List Dependencies, and got a list of 115 assets, some of which appear to be commodities, some mesh libraries, some buildings, some fauna, one TextureNonEnv, and even one vehicle! As far as I can tell, only two are commodity-catagories, Bulk Load and Liquid Load. I`d search for them a bit more directly if I knew what to search for. I`m pretty sure that back in my early days I saw at least one commodity-catagory by @davesnow.

Do you like the way the sorting turned out?