What content qualifies as Built-In?

Recently I have been through a process of rebuilding/reinstalling TS19 (see More Reaction to 109641 (2)).

During this process I had a 'clean' install of TS19. No assets except those that came with the original build, 109641. I am not sure of the region/version of my TS19 but I do not subscribe to any of the available subscriptions.

Anyway, transferring my own content over to this 'clean' install of TS19 showed some Missing Dependencies which surprised me as I had taken care to use only Built-In or DLS content. The missing assets were listed as 'Unknown' meaning they were not on the DLS.

The problem is I have purchased various routes and content from Auran/N3V and others. Ignoring the others for a moment it is the Trainz Content from Auran/N3V I have purchased over the years that concern me. When installing these into TS19 the Missing Assets of my own content appear to the point that they now no longer show any missing assets. Checking I notice that this Trainz Content I have installed as Downloadable Content from Auran/N3V is now showing as Built-In when it did not come from the original installation of TS19 Build 109641.

In order to ensure that the version of TS19 (or any other Trainz version, TANE etc) installed is kept 'as is' is a frightening prospect. You would need to have 2 computers, one with the 'as is' version and the other to enjoy the massive amount of really good content such as from Jointed Rail (and before you ask, No, not all the good stuff from Jointed Rail is available from the DLS or as Downloadable Content).

It would be interesting to hear how route and session creators get around this problem.

The thought occurs to me that this could be a source of frustration to potential end users of content described as being 'Built-In' or on the DLS hunting for that missing dependency. Would there not be a better way to describe content that has been sourced from Downloadable Content from Auran/N3V and not as part of the original installation?

Any thoughts anyone?
Well I had to re-type this since the Forum decided to hiccup and not save my post.:eek:


I have encountered similar all though not major issues with this as well. I have noticed some DLC that I purchased from the Trainz Online Store become listed as "Built-in" instead of "Payware". For example, the UP Dash 9 #9571, which comes with the Fall Harvest - Nebraska route, is listed as "Built-in" when I know it does not come with the game by default. Trust me, I'm a fan of the Dash 9 and EMD/GM locomotives and I would know if this locomotive was ingame by default.;)
But I'm getting ahead of myself. To be honest I think that the term "Built-in" is used a bit loosely in Content Manager. Why that is I can not answer. But then again Content Manager has always had it's funky side, which has been the case for as long as I can remember, starting with Content Manager Plus from TRS2006. Of course Content Manager has come a long way since then, and I can say with confidence that TRS2019's Content Manager is the best thus far, but it still has some issues here and there, thankfully nothing major from what I can find. In conclusion, I think it would be best to list DLC content as "Payware" instead of "Built-in" to avoid confusion.

That's a good thought, listing as 'Payware' and Content Creators can give it a miss for content they plan to upload.

It is proving to be a nightmare getting content to upload that only contains Built-In or DLS content.
If it's on the DLS but included in a Payware route it is labelled now as built in, as free assets from the DLS should not be labelled as payware, regardless if they are in Payware and many creators have complained about this, as they were previously incorrectly labelled as Payware, N3V have been uploading the builtins where they are a higher version than the DLS one to the DLS to rectify the problem with things being missing, pretty much an ongoing process.
It pays though to check the out of date assets, anything showing as builtin newer version available, right click, show asset versions, download the latest one, which is usually shown as available for download.

Basically if a builtin included with Payware has a DLS upload date it's OK to use, if it doesn't, I avoid using it.

For location unknown, sometimes Right click download this version finds it and it downloads or alternatively show asset versions, may find a new version or an asset that obsoletes it.
Full Database repair can sometime find things that are missing, hold down Ctrl when clicking Rebuild Database.

Also check open for edit if importing from another install and revert to original anything that's open for edit, usually that happens when you have imported something that is already installed, so it doesn't get submitted.

Yes I have noticed 'Newer Version Available' for items listed as Payware. That 'Newer Version' is available on the DLS. I have been updating these as I see them.

I suppose the most surprising thing about all of this is that we have to ask the Forum to find out things like this. Auran/N3V put out a weekly bulletin keen to show us what they can sell us, a little paragraph dedicated to 'things on-going' somewhere within would help explain these things.