Well, I am making progress with Trainz 12.


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Yesterday I got very much accomplished.

1. Got my Trainz 12 patched to 61388.
2. I did a lot of customization on a new Mojave Subdivision route:

-hundreds of rail cars, consists and locomotives added
-road traffic toggled on by setting my region to United States
-17 built-in ATLS grade crossing gates/signals enabled with channel numbers 1 thru 17
-many objects added as road vehicles, streetlights, painted surfaces as gravel, dirt,
grass and asphalt, buildings, farm tractors, animals (I even put some mooing cows beside
my tracks), people, trees, plants, clocks, one station object with built-in platform and track section,
and some splined objects which gave me some trouble

I would save my edited route/session every so often by renaming it Version 1, 2, 3 and so on with each progression as a matter of prudence.
I like to save the Route and Session together during a custom route modification because Session items as driver commands are modified too.
I want to be able to view the custom HUD as well as be able to Instant Load or Instant Unload rail cars. I also want complete control of
time, season and weather in my world. I have yet to monkey with the autopilot in Driver.

I built passenger stations in Bakersfield and Mojave from scratch. I laid a track side farm in the desert between Monolith and Summit.

I put a man in a rowboat fishing on a little pond.

I customized my rail yard in Bakersfield too: working men, trucks, small buildings, outhouses, yard office and huge light towers spaced evenly
between yard sidings with bright lights that are actually annoying at night!. I placed a telephone booth, Pepsi vending machine and garbage can at my yard office.

Here is what I find troublesome (I have yet to master the positioning of splined objects and getting other objects to the correct height):

1. sometimes when vehicles, people, dogs, telephone booths etc. are placed on object surfaces (particularly added splined objects or station platforms), they don't stand at surface level: there is a height adjust feature but it only adjusts in arbitrary whole number units as 2.00 or -1.00 so they may either float too high above the ground or sink below the surface: sometimes I get lucky and they just happen to touch the surface.

I tried adding a splined (in Spline Mode) parking lot but cars don't sit just touching the surface as they should. I found out that if I simply want to paint asphalt onto the ground that it is best to place objects as vehicles first then paint over them using the Surveyor Paint mode. I don't yet know how to REMOVE Painted objects as grass, farmland, blacktop and gravel without using Undo. Is there a way to 'unpaint' the terrain in Surveyor?

2. adding splined objects as fences and cement paths: they seem to have the habit of auto-joining when the ends are placed close together and when they join, the objects form a curve instead of staying in straight sections as when I try to connect straight fences at 90 degree angles in the corners

3. adding splined objects or vehicles to uneven ground also has issues: the rear tires of a car may look flat while the front tires look like they are touching the ground right on the surface as they should on a sloping piece of land

I tried adding a splined driveway to my farm but could not make this object lie flush on the ground because the ground was uneven. Some parts of the driveway would float above the ground while other parts appeared to be level with the ground. When I placed pickup trucks on the driveway, the tires would sink below the surface in the parts that were floating up off the ground.

When I put surface objects on my route I don't want them to look stupid by levitating or being sunk into the ground. At the built-in Tehachapi station, I tried adding a track-side platform. This section of track is about a 2% grade. The platform is level however and I don't know how to cant it end to end to make it the same grade as the track so I removed it. I tried to place Skippy the dog in the fisherman's rowboat but again no precise height adjustments so I could get the dog right on the seat of the boat.

Another annoying thing is object rotation: if I am trying to get a track-side platform perfectly parallel with the track it is awkward: there does not seem to be any precise control of object rotation. I am struggling with the mouse to try to drag the object into perfect position.

Here is a pic of my Bakersfield station with Greyhound buses, a Chevron station in back and a barbershop. I added the splined double-row parking lot but can't make it lie flush with the ground. It is even on one side but to high on the opposite side.
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You sure are making progress. :)

To position objects o a spline, because splines are thicker or float ever so slightly above the surface, press the shift or ctrl while moving the object. This will change the increment distance when moving the object.

You might find it helpful too to get the height of splines as this will give you an idea of how far to move the objects. Go to spline objects under the scenery object tab. Click on advanced. At the bottom you'll see height adjustments, cutting, deleting, and other point mods, etc. At the very bottom of the row is a set of tools for getting height, which will display the height in meters above the ground.

Shift and control work for rotating objects too and give you fine control.

I hope this helps!