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A friend and I were driving through town today and had to stop for a old Southern Pacific loco with the letters HLCX on the side pushing 4 tanker cars into a brand new Bio Diesel plant. He asked me a question that I could not answer and thought it was funny but not sure if I should ask it here, but I am going to anyway. :D When the guy's or girl's are in these locomotives and have to use the restroom where do they go? :hehe: Do the loco's have anything on them to use or do they just look for the next gas station?:D Thanks:eek:
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In our neck of the woods it all depended on what kind of service we were on.
On a yard shunt loco (switcher) we had access to the facilities that the ground staff had though sometimes if we were too far away from them we could always stand alongside the loco or some wagons. Track ballast is great drainage!

On a main line train going any distance it could be a problem. Once again if we stopped somewhere to cross a train we could do the same as above or if we stopped at a station there were facilities available. A train where you didn't stop very much could be awkward. We would often simply stand on the running board and... well you can guess the rest! You did have to be aware of roads and houses and be discreet. Slowing down for a speed restriction was also a good opportunity.

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Facilities only! Although there were some grisly stories doing the rounds of the depot of guys who had been "caught short" - I prefer not to post them in a family forum! :hehe:

None of our locos had built in toilet facilities though I believe a number of locos do have them. The problem, I guess, is the regular cleaning of them and the provision of loo paper...
It was never something we created a stink about; we got used to it and worked it out. :hehe:


If you search youtube there is a video that shows the cab of a Dash-9 I beleive it was and they have a bathroom built inot the loco,its in the nose of loco,mening you climb up the ladder on the front open the door there and it should either be on your right or left.
I think only the most modern have bathrooms and the bigger locos.
But I could be wrong.
Weird Answer...

Heres a wierd story for this.....

A man at CSX went to the bathroom in general.:sleep:
The seat was broken and when he leaned over to get the toilet paper he broke his wrist in the toilet. The seat broke and he sat there for 2 hours with one hand (broken wrist) in toilet and other waving around madly.
Strange huh?:eek:

But I think locos have toilets. They have to. Can you see a train speeding down the tracks becuase the driver has to go? :hehe: No I dont think so.;)

Yes I know Im strange.:cool: :eek:
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Steam engines certainly didn't have johns. Guess they just did it on the fly.:hehe:


P.S. Love this thread.
Restroom facilities

Big Diesel locos like GP's, Dash 9's, SD70's, etc have restroom facilities in the NOSE of the loco. I read a whole story about this once but for the life of me I can't remember where I read it. Seems like it was On-line somewhere.
Heres a wierd story for this.....

But I think locos have toilets. They have to. Can you see a train speeding down the tracks becuase the driver has to go? :hehe: No I dont think so.;)

You've never seen some of the juice jockeys that used to run the old 4 car electric stock around Kent before they started putting blackbox recorders on them...

They'd happily break the speed limit if they needed a cup of tea!!


well, from what i know, Those areas in those SD noses, aren't very spacious, so your pretty cramped when trying to do your business:D
But in older units, especially Highnosed units, like SD9s, GP9s, RS11s, or anything you could put a highnose on, were equipped with Facilities. I have never seen those types of things in locomotives, but, i really dont expect to.:hehe:
Old sailing ships had the poop deck at the aft end. Would that mean the loo on a diesel would be the poop nose?:hehe:

Yeah true that all diesels trains like NS, CSX, UP, BNSF, CN, CP and wide-cab and normal cab there have many toilet in trains's nose front because 1 engineer and brakeman was intived let me go in as NS CW40-8W and I was saw toilet on right side they really bit large make me shock but sorry I can't photo them they not allowed use photo during NS CW40-8W's inside cab have no reason so I stuck:( so they very COOL:):wave:!

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