Way to make Trainz less lagging?


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Hey there. I wanted to know if there's a way to make Trainz 12 less lagging? I got it from Steam and I use a Windows 7 system. There was this video, but someone from Steam states adding it will make the program not work properly.
That and what are all those things running in your system tray? These background applications can cause a lot of lag.

There is a 'safe' way to try out the instructions in the video. Rather than deleting the speedtree file just move it to your desktop so that you can put it back if you need to. Create the trainzoptions file as suggested. I followed the instructions and it improved TS12 for me but mine is not the Steam version. If things dont work out as you expected you can delete the trainzoptions file and drag the speedtree file from your desktop back to its original location and put everything back as it was.


This is not the users systray. This is a video from youtube :)


Agreed, and from what I've seen previously, some of the advice on that video ref the Speedtree DLL file is misleading and will cause problems if that file is removed/moved, including the loss of Speedtrees on all installed routes.

Oh boy, that bloody video has come back to haunt me yet again! :eek::confused:

I really need to make a follow-up to it, none of the instructions are correct at all and should NOT be followed!

Back when I made the video, the current release version of TS12 was programmed so that deleting the TNISpeedTree.dll file would only replace the SpeedTrees with regular trees. Then more patches were released and this was 'fixed'.

By the way John, most of those things in the system tray were programmes from HP that came with the computer. (HP Media 'Smart' and other HP unnecessary garbage)
When I made the video I hadn't gone through and deleted them. After I did so I did notice a big improvement in the loading times of the computer.

Anyway, I will edit the video to include some massive warnings until I can produce a follow-up.

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