Washington DC Metro (and other DC area rail) route (HiRes images)


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I put my WMATA 7000 series reskin of the Marta railcar on hold to work on my DC route.
I will post updates to route to this thread instead of the reskin thread.
You can also view my screenshots on my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197966424651/screenshots/#scrollTop=0

I had my old route which used MicroDem/Tiger/Hog. I started a new route with TransDEM, but I had already done a lot of work with the old route so I am using TransDEM to add to the parts of the route that had not been mapped with tiger and hog. I have added Greenbelt, Morgan Ave, Largo, and New Carrolton to my route with this method. I still need to add much of the red line, Vienna, and the Silver line west of Spring Hill to the map. Much of the track has been laid but little scenery has been added other than a few sketchup models of DC landmarks. Most of the tunnels need to be redone and some bridges added or redone. Track has been laid out for the Alexandria, Falls Church, Greenbelt, New Carrolton, and Branch Ave yards. Union Station needs some work and then the Brentwood, Ivy City(Amtrak) and Coach (Amtrak) yards need to be done. I expect at some point to try to work on modelling the stations or finding someone to help with that part.

I have started a new route including just Union station and the nearby yards to merge into my main route. I traced the route with high res imagery in TransDEM. There are a few areas I still haven't quite figured out, most notably around K tower.



Trouble Area

Any help with this section would be nice.

Compare with the progress with my old route:

Switching yards on new route:
Hadn't had time to work on this in a while and unfortunately this past month I have had several drive failures. My hard drive got corrupted that was storing my Trainz files and then the brand new drive I tried to recover the data to got corrupted. I'll have to see now if I can recover the data again off either of the bad drives. This also means I need to recover my Metrorail reskins of the Marta CQ312. I may have some files backed up as CDPs somewhere, but I had three hard drives fail in less than a month.