War Items

Hi. It seems that there are a lot of posts of people trying to find things (i am guilty of such posts.) I think it would be easier to have one big post for people to ask rather than to clutter up the forums. To start off, i am looking for some good train loads for war, such as bombs, rockets, ships, and other things such as soldiers. Does anyone know of a good place to find them?
Have you searched the the Trainz Download Station? A link to the DLS is provided next to the Website at the top of the forums.

Thanks a lot. I found what i needed. Now if anyone else needs anyhting that they can't find post it here. I originally created the thread to save forum space:) it juss so happens that i needed war stuff too. Thanks!
Log Dump standard gauge

Hi all,
Does anyone know where I can find an industry active log dump with std gauge rail attached? I have searched the DLS with all sorts of key words but no luck so far.

Thanks for any help,
On most industries the track changes to match whatever you attach to the industry. Did you try installing Slugsmasher's Multi-log dump and testing car clearance?
I can't find a standard gauge log dump to go with it either.

:cool: Claude