Waitng fforaccess beyond junction?


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I have a sesson to pick up loggs at forestry The consist consists of log ccars and lumber cars. Whwen thhe train gets to the juntion (2268) it go in part wat stops and uncoiples the lumber cars leaving them on the main line. The consist loads passes under the main line and conpletes a circle rejoiniing the main line a few hundred feet (scaled) pulls on onto the main line completely stops changes direction and asked torecouple tp the lumber cars. The train reverses and backs dtoward the lumber car but when it just to the junction where it went in (2268) it stops and I get a message "WAITING FOR ACCESS BEYOND JUNCTION" The junction is set correctly,I even tried putting a track marker beyond it and telling the consist to navigat via the marker but it stops in the same place every time. need help figuring this out please. totally frustrated at this point,, Thanks
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It could be the way your siding is signaled that's causing this.

Do you have a signal facing in towards the bumper?

Do you have a bumper at the end of the track?

When I signal sidings, I place signals, usually dwarf signals so they face (back of the lights) are pointing to the junction and there are no signals looking back in towards the end of the siding.

The reason for this is the AI drivers see the bumper as a red light which is blocking their movement. Without the signal on the main, looking at the siding, the train goes in and picks up the consist.

I hope I explained this well.