Vulcan's latest hoppers on DLS, missing a dependency...


Ore Hopper CNW 70 Ton Taconite (kuid2:60238:39727:1) Ore Hopper CNW 70 Ton Taconiteis is missing this dependency in Tane <kuid2:60238:39729:1>

All five of his Hoppers he recent put on the DLS are missing the same kuid...

Does anyone know where I can download it please?

Thanks, Cheers, Mac...
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I don't have these models myself, but normally if something is new. I try my best to make contact with the author first. This way he/she will know the bugs upfront and be able to fix this issue for everyone who has the new models.
My guess is it might have gotten rejected by the DLS and had to be fixed or Vulcan forgot to upload it. I'm looking forward to seeing this car. Vulcan and Msgsapper have been working together on creating and updating content for Bob's new version of his New England route for TRS22 and Trainz Plus. This new route sounds amazing.
Hi guys, sorry, it is a new Dolomite product, thanks for letting me know.

Usually I upload dependencies before the models so they are available, looks like I missed this one. Uploaded now and approved, give it 24 hours.

I am working on new Taconite loading docks based on the ones at Deluth, with new approach spans and ore loaders, it uses the new 70 ton ore hoppers: