Virtual Motive Division website?


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Hi I am wondering how the registration process goes on the Virtual Motive Division website. They have content available for download but it says you must register first. Problem is, there is nothing that I can see to click on to register. Front page says it's under construction but I thought it was odd the downloads are still visible. Any ever use this site? Thanks.
The registration is hidden at 'Freeware' -> '3rd Party'. The registration requires your complete address.

Okay, here's the problem: When you click on "ReSkin Kits", the page requires you to log in. If you want to register, you're greeted with this:

Not Found

The requested URL /your-account/ was not found on this server.

It's impossible to register (at the moment).
Not exactly what I had in mind, I was thinkin' of his BNSF GP60s. I already have their GP40s and the demo 70.

(If anyone wants a link via the Wayback Machine, here ya go)

You might be thinking of the wrong site...

If your talking the GP60M and GP60B, those came out with TS12... I remember the BNSF ones, but I think those were a reskin someone did.

Maybe Justin can jump in here and comment.
I think that was Kai, I asked him about it and he said they were personal, so he couldn't give 'em to me. He's not able to release them as Justin wouldn't allow it. Honestly I'd pay for the H1 GP60B...
I shot Justin

...a message on Monday asking if I could get those 60s and with a link to this page, so don't be surprised if the Trainz content god shows up lol
The GP60M and GP60B that was offered on VMD is far out of date and wouldn't work in a current copy of Trainz since they are from 2004. I updated the ATSF units for inclusion into TS12 but that was in 2010 and had no real plans to release updates to the BNSF warbonnet and H1 (B unit) H2 and H3. There will be a completely new set of GP60 models arriving later this year (we hope).

When the first set was completed years ago there was hardly any information available to me to aid in construction but over the years since I have gathered very detailed diagrams, images, and information that will result in a better overall asset than any reworking the old models can do.
Thanks for sharing that, Justin!

Would it hurt for me and Chris to toy around with the old ones to see if we could get 'em working with newer versions? Or do you think they're too far gone?