Uploading routes and content creators.


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I have a question I hope one of the more technically incline uploaders might have an answer for. I am a content creator (since 2002) who has uploaded sporadically as I build new items. My question relates to uploading routes using items I have created or reskinned as needed for my life's work. I'm sure we all have that one route that we favor and are constantly tinkering with and adding to. My question is will any of the items I build or reskin for my personal use be uploaded with the route if they were not already uploaded. I plan to eventually upload my route when close to finished, but not sure if I will remember everything I created for myself. I understand why they wouldn't, just wanted to be sure. Thank you.

Hi Jacob, in content manager you select what will be in your .cdp
so if you just select the route kuid, it will just pack that, same for the session
so no other items included.
A user that wants to play your route/session will ofc need all items you have used in your route/session

What i do here, is make content packs, so users can easy and fast get the special content used in the route
you can make a free account on mediafire, speed is good and easy to use
have fun with Trainz GM
Hi Jacob,

If you are uploading to the DLS, use My Trainz (formerly Planet Auran). This method works 100% of the time. The other method via Content Manager is a bit hokey.

I still use your bridges everywhere on my routes.