Canadian National
Well today we wanted to chase a coal train and the only one that comes thru Waukesha is the UPGBC train bound for Green Bay....Well seeing that we were at a friends house in Burlington and it was a nice hot day and his house is right behind the main line we were out back swimming and taking pix and we heard a horn coming...We waitied for it to make its way thru town and sure enuff...Here comes a coal train which by all means was the UPGBC

So we all piled into the Hummer (yeah I know that the gas is high but it was roomy to take and we wanted to drive in style) again to go and chase this train...We caught it doing a crew change in Burlington and what to our surprise was a fire going on in the back

We figured that the train was going to be there for a while so we went over by the fire to see that they were just about done putting it out so we snaped a pic and went back to the yard

Back at the yard we parked the Hummer by the yard office and took a shot of the Burlington servicing area

Another shot of the area with a switcher in the back waiting for its orders

Last shot of the area with some WC road power waiting for a crew

With the new crew on the UPGBC the train was ready to depart...We then hurried over to Vernon Marsh where we set up and right when he went past 2 flocks of geese flew over the marsh

Another shot of him passing the siding at Vernon Marsh

UPGBC is seen here passing a farmer in his field spraying his corn

Coming into Waukesha he passes a flag man guarding some workers near the tracks

Ouch...What a mess....Looks like there putting in new sewer pipes

Continuing on our way we come past the Waukesha depot where they have a WC caboose on display

At Duplainville now the UPGBC has to wait for the Amtrak Empire Builder heading for Portage

Also when the Empire Builder was crossing the diamond a CP Auto train was heading for Milwaukee

Last pic of the day we see him passing near the connecting track that the WC takes to Milwaukee

After that we headed back to my friends house and right to the pool we went....
Thanks....I try to make up some good story lines for each of my pix...I still got some more pic series to post....This half of the route in Burlington was done by Steve he just did the touch up's that I missed...
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