Updated assets issues


Anyone else have the problem locating asset updated products? I'm having problems with the 40ft_logstack product. i try to find the update but it doesn't exist? Do i need to re-install trainz 12 or can this be fixed in CM? can anyone help?
Some of the updates at the moment cannot be installed in TS12 or earlier versions - that may be one of them. Also, make sure you are running at least build 57720.

You will need to check the trainz-build of the asset you are trying to download. If it's higher than 3.7, you will not be able to download it with TS12 or TS12 SP1.

I had this problem as well some time ago as the new update was for a higher version.
You can get around it by doing the following.
Create a New folder on the desktop.
Create a file in notebook, name it 'Config.txt' and save it to the folder you just made.
Next go to the config of the file you have a problem with and copy all the contents to the new file,
Then open the new file and change the version number to the number it has been trying to update.
Final bit, Go to CM and use 'import content' and choose the new folder and the new file will obsolete the old one and your CM will be happy it has the version it wanted.
You can create an empty "New Folder" in an assets file

You can drag any file, into that "New Folder", and it will be hidden there, as Trainz can't see it in the "New Folder"

You can copy the whole config file, and paste it into the "New Folder" ... and edit away at the config file in the assets main file

If you ever mess up, and want the original config file back again ... you can drag it back out of the "New Folder" and drop it back in the assets main file

You can also do this with images, reskins, sounds ... etc ...
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