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if some one could please help i have build 49922 updates wont let me update to 61388 keeps failing also when i try to download a route from download station it comes up with a red band through and wont download could this be to do with maintenance that's being done locos and all other stuff download fine any help would be great thank you in advance
Sounds like you've got a 'swings and roundabouts' situation. Some of the newer content requires TS12 SP1 or even T:ANE CE. What error did you get when attempting to patch?

Are you using a downloaded patch or the in game updater? I suggest downloading the patch to your computer and running it from there if you aren't. Before updating, open up Content Manager and run an EDR on your 49222 install. Don't start the game afterward. Restart your computer. Upon restarting turn off your anti virus, you can even turn off your internet connection if disabling AV makes you nervous. Run the patch. While it is running do not do anything with your computer. It will take awhile, go watch TV or something away from the computer. Don't use your browser, or run any other program until it is complete. Once finished. restart the computer. You can turn your AV back on. Run another EDR, then you can start the game.
Checking for available disk space for patching.
Unpacking patch file...
Patching from 49922 to 57720...

Failed to patch Builtin\ts12c.ja, file contents do not match

Failed to apply the patch: 49922_to_57720
Patching aborted.
This is from a new install and as far as it will go