Update from Auran


Trainz Team
Hi All,

This is a dark time for Auran, we have had to down size in all aspects of the company. Trainz is still going ahead the current Team is Me (Aidan) Lead Programmer/Co-producer, James Moody Programmer/Community Manager, Megan Berry 2D/3D Artist. Rob will be back very soon we hope too.

Trainz is going to continue to keep going ahead and it is very sasd to see these people go, but it was a decision that had to be made for the sake of the project. Trainz IP is held but Auran Games and this is a profitable company!!! Auran Developments which is a separate company is the company that when into adminstration this company hired all the staff, hence why they were all fired. Thus the Trainz IP as well as all the products related to Trainz are still owned by Auran (ITrainz, DLS, Source Code and Art source).

I would like you to all know that we are reading the forums as much as we can and are trying to keep you informed as much as we can, but the transition has been very quick which has made it very hard for the staff remaining behind. I think the key to helping Trainz survive the troubling time is to keep the community going. We are going to do all that we can to help you but if it looks like we are not listening we are, it's just a bit harder for us now.

I will personally try and chec the forums as much as i can over the next few weeks as it is christmas here.

All the best

Aidan Millott - Lead Programmer/Co-Producer - Trainz Team Auran