Missing assets for MP route


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I thought I'd create yet another missing asset post. Sure there are hundreds already, because, why would we want to fix a core issue.

So I just downloaded TRS19, right click and download a route we're using for MP in T:ANE. It's done, about 20 missing assets.

In tane I see <kuid2:86105:60601:3> Locomotive Sane
In SP19, <unknown asset>. What am I to do?

I search locomotive sand in TRS19. I can see the :2 version, but not :3. So I can only get the newer, required version in T:TANE lol. That seems wrong.
I can't even bulk replace missing stuff, I have to see it to put it in the magic replace box. And it has to be on DLS to work in MP?!

The story goes on, so I see :3 is "Built in" to T:ANE, but never made it to the DLS, and for no good reason, the MP map saves the discrete :3 version number, even though the discrete versions were created to prevent this from happening, so again what to do. Go into T:ANE and replace everything in there, U/L it and re D/L it in 19, or ask 20 people for permission and shove these things into the DLS or what...
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