Unable to save session when playing multiplayer


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Good afternoon.
When playing multiplayer, there is no way to save a multiplayer session. When you try to save the session, a sign pops up:

I believe that it is necessary to make the session save a multiplayer session and give the option to save a multiplayer session during the game. I'll explain. The game Trainz 19 give ample opportunities in the gameplay. In multiplayer, we can ride both passenger trains and freight trains. What do freight trains do here? That's right, they transport cargo! If there are industrial objects on the route (coal mine, oil refinery, grain, bakery, etc ... you can think of dozens of chains of industry and movement of goods), then it will take a large amount of time to service industrial objects (for example, 6-8 hours). But multiplayer can't last more than 3-4 hours at the moment and the multiplayer session crashes, which accordingly rolls back all the progress of working with the industry back. It is necessary to give us the opportunity to save the multiplayer and the game process at some stage, so that the next day we can continue playing multiplayer from the point where we left off. We need to make it possible to save a multiplayer session to save the game progress. This will be useful for all Trainz users, all over the world.
I agree! there is no way to save the session. Every time you have to start over. Dear developers, save the session !!!
I believe the game needs saves, since some cards with industry can't be completed in one sitting, it would be nice to create saves like it was in Trainz 12
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