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Well recently my craptop broke, meaning 1 of several things. No trainz or mine craft. What's the cheapest I can get for a pc that could run trainz etc very well?
If you want to go cheap, stop with thinking "laptop" but go for a PC instead. Saves you a lot of money just because it doesn't have to fit in your lap.
Next to that, I suggest you simply look up the minimum requirements of the game you want to play on it.
"Cheap" and "run Trainz very well" are mutually exclusive. Especially if you are talking about a laptop.
The ultimate Trainz computer is the one that costs you nothing and still does the job to your liking. If finances are in short supple as suggested the desktop is likely the better option and you already have some of the building blocks. Don't discount second hand and recycled parts, even a cable costs money and a serviceable free one gives you a little more to spend on what you eventually may need to purchase. Peter
Hi... Thanks guys... So, the i7/8/9 thing is the... Processor... Right? And the what does ram do? Could someone in detail explain all this to me?
Hi, you are correct, the i3, i5, i7 thing is a processor (CPU). There are many different kinds but two main manufacturers...AMD and Intel. I happen to have an i5 6600k.

The game has required and recommended specs. From my experience (and others here may agree) you should have equipment that meets, if not exceeds, the recommended specs.

RAM is short for Random Access Memory. They are available in "sticks" of various speeds and types. If you think of your computers hard drive as its permanent memory that stores things like photos, games, and other files that are always there when you turn it on...

...then think of RAM as temporary memory that is used only while the computer is turned on. The current types of memory being used are typically called DDR3 or DDR4. RAM is lightning fast when compared to a hard drive and it works in conjunction with the processor and other components.

Since trainz, especially TANE needs a great video card for it to play well, go the HARDWARE specification thread -- note down the minimum requirement for video card, and then buy a desktop with that same video card, or higher ... if not, you'll be spending more money later to upgrade the graphic if you don't the minimum requirement to run TANE.

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