Tutorial: How to get TMR7 working again


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Hi Trainzers,
Owners of TMR17 recently know that N3V shutdown the DRM servers via certificates due to security issues which renders TMR17 inoperable.


Fortunately I needed it to work again as I'm working on a major Trainz project to get some screenshots so I played around with the certificates mentioned in another forum and found a way to get the game to work again. You must have TANE at SP3 as the min version or have TRS19 / TRS22 for this to work as we'll be using those certificates from these versions.

So lets get started.

1. Log into the game as normal. Easy. Now close the game completely.
2. If you installed the game to its default location go to C:\Program Files\N3V Games\Trainz Model Railroad 2017\resources\certificates. It should look like the image below:

Delete all of the certificates in that folder.

3. Go to either TANE (with SP3 as the min) / TRS19 / TRS22 directory. If Installed the default locations TANE will be C:\Program Files\N3V Games\Trainz A New Era; TRS19 will be C:\Program Files\N3V Games\Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019; TRS22 will be C:\Program Files\N3V Games\Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022. Whichever version of Trainz you use, go into the resources folder followed by the certificates folder.
In my example I'll be using TRS22:

Copy all of the certificates in this folder

4. Go back to the TMR17 certificate folder and paste the certificates you copied. It should look like the image below:

5. Launch TMR17 and start the game. If all goes well you should load into the game like shown below:

That's all. Enjoy TMR17 :)

For getting TS12 services online, click here for the tutorial: https://forums.auran.com/trainz/showthread.php?168590-Tutorial-How-to-get-TS12-back-online

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Brilliant, thank you. I was really disappointed when TMR17 got spiked over the certificate issue and N3V did nothing about it. Malc (Clam1952) did explain how to fix it, but I didn't really feel brave at the time enough to try. Your nice clear images and instructions have prodded me to finally have a go.
I liked using TMR17 because things just worked without any fuss.
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Brought back my copy of TMR17 from the archives and followed Hiawathamr's instructions copying the certificates from my TRS22 install. On starting up TMR17 it spent perhaps 3 minutes thinking about it all and then it was back and up and running with everything working just fine.
I have a question that may seem silly but if we have TRS 2019/2022 why come back with TMR 2017, knowing that we can do the same thing with 19/22
I have a question that may seem silly but if we have TRS 2019/2022 why come back with TMR 2017, knowing that we can do the same thing with 19/22

In my case, I use TMR17 for the initial Surveyor work. In 19 (I don't have 22), the Surveyor was changed--a lot. TMR17's Surveyor is just easier for me to use as it remained essentially they same as all the other versions before it.

ok I understand, on the other hand all the assets made with 2019 will they work with TMR 17?
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merci pour la réponse , je suis habitué maintenant avec TRS 2019 et son surveyor et vue que pour TRM 2017 j'aurais trop d'objets a réparer je vais donc continuer avec 2019

thank you for the answer, I am now used to TRS 2019 and its surveyor and given that for TRM 2017 I would have too many objects to repair so I will continue with 2019
".. why come back with TMR17 .."
.. you're completely right .. but thankz to hiawathamr and his magic solution i could find again some very nice gem-ideas i had, with my own designs and those from others, like lego207 (silverlines), mikeaust (mike my day), jamesonbolmara (san antonio tx), hewi12 (australian overgrown), OT2007 (bkt grube), and some from olaf99, grazlash, roy3b3, narm, jointed rail (knifeswitch1 brunswick)) ..... and also save some consists i composed ..
so, yes, it's surely worth to dive into older stuff, also when you are not planning to use those historical moments anymore .. just respect ..
cu somewhere, in any version ..
You’re more than welcome everyone :)
I'm glad to hear that this tutorial has helped everyone getting TMR17 working again. In theory this same proceedure should also work for early versions of TANE SP2 or earlier to get those firing up as well.

Going to be honest I didn't expect this to work due to the different certificate names that both versions of Trainz had but they work and not going to complain!

I tried the above steps for TANE SP1. A little bird supplied me the certificates.
Game still complains about "Unable to authorize this product".

Cleaned out the username+password, closed, restarted, put them back in. Game even tells me they are correct (and TS12 build 49922 also works fine with these username+password) yet still won't work.

Any suggestions?
It should work regardless of what version of Trainz you are using.

I don't know if the person you got the certificates from was using an older version of Trainz below TANE SP3 (min version required) or a newer version so I can't say if that's the cause. What I can suggest is clicking on the provided certificates to bring up the details and check to see if its still good or was it expired. TANE SP4 for me shows they're good until 4/8/2028 (in fact, that's for all versions of Trainz at this moment).

TS12 works, and so does TS12 SP1 as I got its online services working awhile back so I was able to download my purchased items into the game (not a fan of SP1 for TS12 due to bugs and general performance issues it came with). Link to that is in post #1.