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ive downloaded and enabled the "move turntable" rule but cant get it working, its in the commands list, and has an arrow next to it hinting that there are more options when you highlight it, but when I do nothing, cant get it into my list of orders at all

any ideas whats wrong?
im running 2006 sorry forgot to mention, Id heard about the "input table" rule but couldnt find it, took a lok at your site and now I know where it is ill shoot off and take a look, thanks for the help.
got the turntable working after a little fiddling but now the damn locos wont drive right onto it, put a trackmark at the far end but only the loco (when running steam) pulls onto the table and of course when it turns the train derails.

Use invisible track about 10-20 metres beyond the buffer, and place the trackmark there, or in TRS06 you can reduce the radious.

For those who want to know what we're on about, look here:

I'm making a short route to demonstrate a few of the tricks that enhance AI operation, and this is included. However it is unlikely to see completion in the near future, so I might release a populated but untextured version in a week or three (or more possibly). It includes token working, two turntables, and can run two trains completely automatically without user intervention throughout all of the extensive tests. It is really stable too - I got three and a half hours out of one test, before I got bored and did something else. If you want to drive yourself, it's good for that but you'll need to command the AI driver to collect/return the tokens.

For some reason they don't like running under AI in the yard though :(
got it working right , looks as if every engine is going to pull up a different distance from or on th etrackmark. will be trial and error.

but at least its working, going to be quite useful.
The slower the train is moving then the more accurate the stop. I always slow my locomotives down to 5mph when they approach the turntables, which is probably even faster than you might do in real life.
Still trying to get table automated

Hi all
I have been trying to get the "input table" working since I first read this thread but have not had any success.

Should the "input table" rule be indexed under the Driver Command rule or not?

Does the rule work on all turntables or just some specific ones?

What are the exact words & format to insert in the Input table rule?

I only get a "message" input block when I edit the rule but I do get the "move turntable" command to come up in the driver commands but no select option when activated.

Any further advice would be appreciated.

I eventually got it working Bill but it was unneccesarily complicated and involved editing a script as well as using the command, you have to edit the script with the name of every turntable on your layout and also play around with trackmarks for quite a while to get the train to stop on the table in the right spot, I ended up dumping it as i spent more time trying to get it to work right than actually driving.:eek:
While the notes on my webpage mentioned above, could be useful, I did a small pdf document for a friend who had trouble setting it up in Trainz Classics for a tram operation, mainly because the black text in the red background was impossible to see.

The technique and steps for TRS2006 and TC are the same. Sorry, pdf no longer available.

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I have finally had success

Many thanks to all. I took Vulcan's advice and went back to basics on my test pad and got the turntable automated. Then went back into large layout and got it to work first try.

I now have steam trains coming into terminal stations, uncoupling, moving to a turntable, turning around and then coupling to the other end of the consist and departing - all under AI control. I have wanted to be able to do this for years. It makes all the difference to running steam trains particularly.

Thanks again for the help.

Thanks Ian for the pdf very usefull. I have a problem when a loco it on the truntable and it goes to turn this error comes up.


What am I dooning wrong?

Thanks Andy
Hi Andy,

I don't know enough about scripting to say exactly what the problem is, but look carefully at how you typed the InputTable entries:

turntable, Table1, 4 for example.

There have to be spaces between the entries above, and if you use the default Auran turntable labeling such as Turntable 103, I believe it has two spaces between the name and the number of the table, these must be entered, not one space.

Alternatively, the number of stopping points entered may not match the actual number of the table model.

I have made some minor corrections to the pdf document to make this clearer.

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Hi Magandy and vulcan,

When you enter the commands in the input table you do not need spaces. It should be (turntable,turntablename,12) or however many stops the turntable has. Look in the config file for the turntable to find the number of stops, and it does not like numbers in the turntable name. Look on the DLS for a map and a session demonstrating turntable use under my kuid 243294. I am told some dependancys don't download with CMP so you might have to see what is missing. The trackmark on the turntable should have the radius reduced to 0.01 this will make the loco stop at the same place each time it come on to the turntable. Have a look at the readme file in the folder.

Hope this helps,
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Turntable control

Just loaded TS2010EE. How do you control the turntable. I'm going nuts!

I am trying to use the Move Turntable driver command and Input Table Rule,
kuid:131986:180156:1 and :1012, in TS2010. Not successfully though.

Have you had any luck? See the config file descritions for how to use.
Here is a link to a good tutorial by Chuck, crb001
http://www.trains.0catch.com/Installing a Turntable and Operating it Under AI Control.pdf

I am acctually trying to use Ian "vulcan" 's Transfer Table Ferries in 2010.

Input Table View

Hi Irving,

It seems most people have trouble with the input table part of turntable automation. Here is a pic of how the input table should be configured.


Notes:- 1. The first word MUST be all lower case.
2. The turntable name MUST be typed exactly as the name of the turntable. i.e. where upper case letters are used in the turntable name the same letters MUST be in upper case in the input table. See the turntable name just above the input table panel.
3. The number of stops MUST be the total of every position the turntable can stop at starting with zero for the default position.
Note, each item in the input table is delimited with commas.

One more tip, if you are using a turntable with lots of stops get your driver to return the turntable to position zero when he recouples to the consist or when he reaches his parking place if finished his shift. I tend to use two stop turntables on branch lines and in minor depots, this cuts out the requirment to return the turntable to position zero as I use the command 'move turntable to position next'.

Hope this helps,
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No spaces in name

Thanks Bill,
I found my problem was having a space character in the name.
Does your illustration use an underscore character or a space.
Hi Irving,

In the pic above I have used a space. So long as you use a space when you name the turntable and a space when entering it in the input table it should work. However if you use an underscore when naming the turntable and a space in the input table it wont work. Every character in the input table MUST be the same as the turntable name.
You may also find that some turntables require a trackmark just off the turntable and some require a trackmark ON the turntable, about centre. If using the trackmark ON the turntable reduce it's radius to 0.01.

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