TurfFX Strange Issue


Train Enthusiast
I ran into an interesting issue with TurfFX. I remember several other people reporting the same issue about a year ago but it didn’t effect me until yesterday.

I have a route using a lot of TurfFX grass. I decided to change it a little. One of the things I wanted to change was delete some of the grass that was on some of my track. This route uses about 120 baseboards. So I am following the track and deleting the grass where needed. I reach one section of track and delete and immediately all the grass disappears on the track but also on the hills and everywhere I had the TurfFX. I found that I could add back the missing TurfFX with no problem.

but this is the strange thing, the grass was only deleted from one section which turned out be one baseboard. The other baseboards were not effected. The grass still remained on them. So I ended up replacing the grass on the one baseboard and everything seems to be fine. On the “problem” baseboard the interesting thing is that when I started to add the TurfFX grass all the textures went away, but they could be replaced.

So on my route of 120 baseboards only about 10 seem to be effected. And they are not adjacent.

This was the issue others seemed to be having as reported a while back. They started to add grass and all the previous grass they had put down disappeared.

It is truly annoying and creates extra work. It is certainly disconcerting however to see all your TURF disappear when you start adding additional turf.

Not sure what is happening here