TS12 Track Objects Layer Issue


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Hey all,

Wondering if anyone can help, have encountered a problem with the rather massive route I have been building, there seems to be a layer issue. I am unable to place objects on "layer above the track" as the error message says. At first I thought it was only rolling stock, which was no problem, now it seems it is points, speed signs, signals etc....

Upshot is I can lay track and generate scenery but cannot edit track layout unless I do it in the scenario layer, is there any way I can "remerge" layers to avoid the tearful possibility of having to abandon a massive amount of work?

Cheers in advance...

In Route editing, go into the layers.

Unlock the scenery layer. You'll be prompted if this is okay to do so.

Click on the merge layers icon

in the dialog box that follows, highlight the route layer.

You will be prompted if this is okay.

This should work...

If it doesn't work, you need to edit sessions and do the same there instead

I highly recommend doing a backup first before doing any of this stuff. :)