TS12 SP1 Hotfix 4 patch is now available

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N3V Games
TS12 SP1 Hotfix 4 patch is now live. This patch will take your game's build number to 61388

Currently the patches are manual download only. We will add them as an autopatch download later on.

Change log for the patch:

  • Fixed a variety of issues that will improve overall stability
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs relating to specific assets
  • Prevent clutter mesh from extending beyond the texture bounds on the south and east edges.
  • Improve deletion of spline points to avoid deleting nearby Trackside Objects.
  • Added automatic thumbnail generation during Surveyor autosave.
  • Improved the behaviour of Trackside Objects when adding a spline point.
  • Improved the load/save behaviour of the Driver camera positioning.
  • Improved the TrainzUtil startup process to better handle the case where TADDaemon is shutting down just as TrainzUtil is starting up.
  • Fixed a case where Content Manager would incorrectly report 'Content Manager is offline' in the download helper panel.
  • Changed the autopilot throttle control to use the train's average top speed rather than the maximum top speed.
  • Fixed some rendering issues
  • Improved the appearance of in-game fonts.
  • Add the "should-respond-to-clicks" config tag.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where the host could automatically claim a Driver Character.
  • Fixed an Undo system issue where the height of two connected splines could become temporarily mismatched.
  • Improved handling of low-memory situations.
  • Added validation of asset sound files.
  • Improve the handling of corrupted wav files.

Links for the patch files:

49922 to 61388
46957 to 61388
57720 to 61388
57898 to 61388
58414 to 61388
57825 to 61388
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