TS-12 will not start


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Hey guys,

Has anyone got any suggestions how to start TS-12.....I double click the Trainz Icon - nothing, even try open but again nothing, I even go to the trainz folder and try from there - nothing, I have tried reinstalling the program without success.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is uninstalling it and reformatting the drive, then install as new but I have no desire to have to go through the updates and downloading everything again.... can I copy any files to anothrer drive then back again, if so which ones.

Can anyone offer any alternatives????

Does Content Manager start at all?

If it does not work, or produces an error, I suggest reinstalling your video drivers.

Please post your machine spec as that will help us here.


Hey Jcitron, thanks for your responce.

I am not able to even get as far as the content manager.....it's almost as if link between the icon and program are down but as mentioned previously I have even tried getting in through the program - without success.

My Confuser specs are:-

CPU I7 3960x @ 3.3Ghz
Video Geforce GTX 960.....according to the computer the drivers are up to date and current
Ram 64Gb of 2400Mhz
OS Windows 8.1 Enterprise .....recently updated from Win 7
Progam is on its own 240Gb virtual drive of which 200Gb is free

Thanks again and hope this helps
Have you at any time switched off your computer while you had trainz running in the background.
I have done this trick a time or two my self, it is easy to do when the validating starts to take forever, so I go on to do something ells and forget that I have left it running in the background when I've switched off.

I find the best thing to do is save my userdata file to somewhere safe and reload then swap over the userdata files.
Trainz will run okay in Windows 8.1 with the same setup as Windows 7 so it sounds like something's definitely hosed, and as Jon says, it's definitely something then in this case that sadly requires a fresh install. Backup your Userdata folders and put in a fresh copy. Make sure you run the setup and any subsequent patches as administrator, and later on give the same rights to exe when you run the program.

Do an install of DirectX9c. It will coexist with whatever version or versions of DirectX might be already on the machine.

Run TrainsDiag found in the Trainz/bin0 folder.

This should solve your problems or at least show you where to look further if need be.