Trying to find a fertilizer plant like the photo


Have been searching DLS with all sorts of names and such but can't find anything like the photo, does anyone know of one? I would really appreciate the help. Obviously it isn't going to be exact, but this the look I am going for.

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What you will probably end up doing is building the plant in surveyor from various separate components.

Try searching in CM with ...

category = "building"
name = "industrial"

In particular, look at those with the name "Industrial Plant". These might be suitable for some sections of your structure.

There are some Fertilizer factories available, both built in and on the DLS. Try ..

category = "building"
name = "fertilizer"
Thanks for responding. I have searched with "industry" and "chemical" and "fertilizer" so I guess I will have to try and make something look correct. I remember in TS12 I found a plant that had a siding, storage tanks, stacks, pipes etc all set up and looked pretty good; unfortunately I deleted that route and thus the asset.

Thanks once again.