TRS22 content appearing in TRS19 install


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A whole host of TRS22 content from my TRS22 steam build are appearing on my TRS19 Steam build as built-in, missing dependencies (because trs22 has built in deps not included in trs19), and are cluttering my install, and I want to get rid of them, but I wont let me, because its "packaged". My trs19 install has its own folder separate form the TRS22 install. I never ported these over, but they are showing they were installed May 3. I don't want these on my TRS19 build. My current trs19 install is old, messy, and buggy since SP5 and I'm likely to delete everything and start again, but how did these get over to my trs19 install, and how do I delete them?
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Uninstall in Content Store.
The content does not appear directly by name in the content store. I see a lot of simc, but how am I supposed to know which one?

Anyway the TRS19 build was taking up way to much space (over 300GB) and I've decided to delete everything and start fresh.
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uninstall what in content store. i also have lost the TRC traffic stopers. that means no route.
this is not the first time this has happened. i am very careful how i close out of trainz. i had the full layout last night and tis noon i had nothing.
this invisible also show up in other missing assets. why does it just go away and wreck the game.
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