TRS2019 - Invisible baseboard issues


Owner of ZPW.
So i downloaded a new route today and this is an issue i'm facing. I'm uncertain what trainz is doing. I did test the route in Sp5, and that still didn't fix the issue

any help appriciated
I am wondering if that is the PBR issue? Is your shader Quality set to Standard? If it is set higher, try lowering it.
That's PBR textures you can eliminate this by setting the Shader-quality setting to Standard. PBR textures work well with PBR textured assets and do not mix well with non-PBR textures. This causes those voids under the tracks and roads and buries these in other places.

I found that PBR textures are great if I start with a new route but upgrading a very old route is painful. By setting the shader quality to standard, I avoid the buried track and roads, and above all eliminate the jelly-effect caused by the PBR textures when they are placed on steep angles.