TRS2019 and TRS22- Solved


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Hello, Is it possible to have the TRS22 without uninstalling or updating TRS2019? Be able to use one or the other independently.
I would appreciate any information. :)

Regards, Javier
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Each program must have a separate data folder. You can't use a shared data folder. I have installed TRS19, TRS22 and 2 instances of TrainzPlus (and TRS2004, TS09, TS10, TS12).

Well, from reading your question, I think that the answer is in the affirmative. YES, you can run them independently, AS LONG AS you keep the data folders separate. The only drawback is hard drive space and managing all that data!
Thank you all for your clarifications, I don't want 2019 to be spoiled and on the other hand I was thinking of taking advantage of the TRS2022 offer for Black Friday.
Mine reads like so:

I have TRS2019 installed in: C/Program Files/N3VGames_2/Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019
I have TRS2022 installed in: C/Program Files/N3VGames/TrainsPlus
Another cuestion, is TRS22 multilanguage?...........:unsure:
It has many languages on the settings page, if that is what you are referring to.
To expand a little on one of the advantages, perhaps less known, of TRS 2022 compared to TRS 2019 and T:ANE is the spectacular size savings of files stored in 2022.
Example of an 80.6 MB file in folder format.
       C.Manager        TZARC
2022    86.9MB         49.1MB
2019    86.9MB         86.9MB
T:ANE   86.9MB         86.9MB
Savings of 43.5% in disk size.
If we have installed in T:ANE or 2019: 100GB~102400MB of downloads from the DLS and Trainz websites will become: approximately 56.5 GB, if they are downloaded and installed again.