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I purchased TRS 19 late January this year. Did the tutorials and drove a couple sessions with no problems. Yesterday I bought, downloaded and installed TRS-19 Short line Railroad. When I selected one of the session to drive I got the splash screen and the rotating boxes - they did not stop rotating and TRS19 was totally locked up. Could not do a standard Quit of the app nor could I do a computer shut down- Only a force quit would finally get TRS to stop. Today this lock up happens on the tutorials and other session I had previously done. Any suggestion I could try before completely removing and reinstalling TRS19 would be appreciated.

Computer is a M1 iMac

It has just occurred to me that there was a Mac OS update a day or so before haveing this problem - so that is probably the issue as others have had problems with OS 12 (Monterey)
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How long did you wait? After adding content it sometimes takes a while to cache things. I suggest you do a database rebuild (on the Dev menu) and next time wait at least 5 min after you select the route/session.

Although I just installed Shortline in my M1 Mac install. Launched and started in just a few seconds. Session started fine. The DB rebuild will likely fix... try it and reply.
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Unfortunetaly I see your thread just now, because I am Dutch and only look at the Dutch forum. Since I also have problems wit my Mac with M1 processor I consult this forum. I recognise your problem. My solution: a forced shutting down of the computer, a restart of the computer and the problem is over, for a while. it occurs sometimes and I still do the same. Since the restart of the M1 takes a few seconds, it doesn’t really bother me.

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Do the database repair. Once you've forced-quit the program, it'll leave the database open or cause other data corruption requiring an eventual reinstallation. When a new route or other content is added, the database has to index the content. The program also caches this information so the next time the program loads up the new routes and content faster. If you haven't used the program in a while, then there's a lot more indexing, checking, and validating that needs to be done in addition to your download. Because you were offline for a couple of months, TRS2019 will validate your account and your installation. This process can take "some time", depending upon how much content you have.