TRS19 SP1 - Additional Information Thread


My main observation since upgrading is some textures are super bright and others are different colors than the thumbnail. A light tan color turns out to be dark brown. My statue of Christ on the Mountain is very bright now. I have an older CPU but a newer graphics card. (RTX2060)

When TRS19 SP1 was released, a number of people raised issues that had not been identified during the external beta testing. This thread lists the "Known Issues" that we have seen reported and replicated and also lists "Additional Issues - Unverified" which are issues we have not been able to reproduce.

We would like users who have updated their build to SP1 (on PC or Mac, or on Steam) to read through this list and then do the following:

(i) Respond with "No additional issues" if you have not seen any additional issues that are new to this build
(ii) If there is a new issue to report, please respond with a detailed step by step guide how to reproduce the issue (or use the Trainz Bug Report form).
(iii) If you have additional information on the Unverified problems, please use the Trainz Bug Report form

Pardon me if I missed something, but has this collected list of issues been or being incorporated as a fix for TRS19 SP1? My TRS SP1 has not yet been flagged for an update.
I really dislike the new Surveyor menu. For me, It was cleaner and easier to use. Is there really no way I can revert back to the old style?
Hi Guys, I've just updated to SP1 but an odd thing seems to have happened. I've lost the ability to couple anything with ACS, is there an issue with this?

I've had the same thing Chris, but oddly not had an update for a while so not sure what's going on. Suddenly stopped working the other day.