Trouble upgrading to SP5


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When I tried to upgrade a copy of TRS19 to SP5, I got this message:


but that’s not true at all, THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL! The patch IS viable and determining the checksum didn’t fail: it’s impossible for it to fail! I need to rest something in SP5, so I don’t have time for this nonsense! Can somebody please tell me how to fix this glitch? I thank you in advance.
It’s possible for the patch download to have been corrupted during the download. In that case the checksum of the patch won’t match the checksum from N3V…
use the launcher page to check for updates - make sure you have the correct stream for your version
check you have the data directory described in the launcher correctly.

I’d suggest help desk, but they work weekdays..
There's nothing wrong with your patch and more likely there's something awry with that asset which is Jointed Rail's CN C40-8W and is shown as built-in in my setup.